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Hey all.
No Oracle File today.
Boo, I suck. I know.
My wife is having surgery today (no fear, she is fine) and I wasn't able to get the second page of Clark Kent's update done last night, so unless the stars align just right later tonight, no E27 content other than this journal.
So there is a reason for me to write this other than pardoning my lack of Oracle Files today, I need to keep my mind occupied and away from the stress I feel inside hospitals.
To that end, I wanted to discuss a couple things. First off, I get a lot of people asking me if Kyle Rayner is going to be a white Lantern or if Flash will become a Blue Lantern or if Scarecrow will become a Yellow Lantern. My answers to all those are: Maybe, no, and no... at least right now.
I have a long term plan plotted for the Lanterns. I don't know if I'll able to fully explore it, but if Kyle becomes a White Lantern, it'll be a result of this story. So please don't ask if you can sponsor Kyle as a White Lantern right now. It'd be jumping the gun.
While on the subject of Lanterns getting a second color, assuming Guy went Red and Carol fills Violet (and we ruled out Black and White for now), what other color would you assign to John? Hal? Kyle? Simon? Jessica?
Assuming that we had to have one ringbearer of each color (except Black and White) in Earth's Lantern taskforce, which Lantern would would wear Orange, Yellow, Blue, and Indigo? Which one should remain Green?
For those of you not up to snuff on the emotional spectrum, Red is anger, Orange is greed, Yellow is fear (you invoke in others), Green is courage (willpower in the comics, but courage in E27), Blue is hope (that you have and give to others), Indigo is compassion (or empathy in E27), and Violet is love (platonic or romantic).

Next thing, I have previously remarked that Batman has a whole fleet of Batmobiles. I showed like 5-7 of them in my Batcave floorplan. If I were to have Phil draw one of them, which one would you guys like to see?

Last thing, just for fun (and because I got the whacky idea while watching the Honest Trailer for Batman v Superman), who's the biggest piece of beefcake Phil's drawn for E27? To clarify, who is the sexiest male character in E27 to date (excluding the obvious choices of Officer Cho & Dr Westerman). If you wanna voice your opinion for cheesecake (females), that's fine too as long as you keep it equal and suggest a contestant for E27's sexiest man alive while you're at. :D
Anyway, that's all I got time for right now. My hand is cramping from typing this on my phone.
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Thanks for the acceptance!!!
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Is there a fanart section?
kidflash2003 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2017
I just want to say, I've been watching E27 for quite a while now, well I just officially watched it today. But I want to say you've inspired me to pretty much do the same and create my own story out of the DC universe.
thefranchise83 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2017
So I have a questions. Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, and Terry McGinnis all have been Batman.

My question is...does Earth 27 have version of Jason Todd as Batman...or even a version where Damian Wayne is Batman? 
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Hello. Just wanted to say, I only came across this page today, as well as the majority of the art work, and I wanted to say how much I love what you're building here. As a long-time fan of the DC universe and its many characters, this is particularly exciting, and I can't wait to see where it goes next!
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